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- Independent accounting and counseling services;
LawrequirementNo 3568.Tokeep records in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, to arrange balance sheets, profit/loss statementsand declarationsfor Physical and Legal entities, and other similar services

1 ) Keep accounting records as per Legal Regulations

2 ) Preparation of monthly VAT and Withholding Tax declarations, interim reports every 3 months, as well as end of yeardeclarationson corporate Income Tax;insuranceand payroll procedures, payslips for Customer’s staff.

3 ) Preparation of Monthly and quarterly SSI reports, calculationand reporting accordingly on severance and termination obligations of staff’sin/out movements.

4 ) Reporting based on International Accountingstandards.

5 ) Control of internal accounting records of Operations

6 ) Special Computer programs for small and medium-sized enterprises, counseling services on accounting and taxes 

7 ) Providing with all kind of official documents, required within the business process, such as Industry Registration Certificate, Capacity Report and the Trademark and Patent Certificate, Investment Incentive Certificates.

B - Financial Consultancy

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