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Consultancy services on Management and Investment
1.  Preparation and submission of monthly and annual sales charts, profit analyses, fund management tables as well as, analyses and reporting on financial and/or similar statements of a company
2.  Review of Company   organization/establishment and legal structure, applying required changes and updates as required in appropriate economy and/or sector
3.  Collect, analyze and evaluate info on alternative investment areas
4.  Follow and finalize Company structure procedures
5.  Follow up and fulfill legal procedures for purchasing, merging and/or liquidation processesof a company
6.  Being ready to represent Customer company in any meetings, where financial subjects are discussed,
7.  Corporate tax Consultancy

  • IndividualConsultancyonTaxes
  • Tax incentives, exceptions and exemptions
  • Free zones
  • Tax Agreements
  • Taxation of Foreign Nationalities
  • Yabancı uyrukluların vergilendirilmesi,
  • Financial issues that Companies are interested in
  • Revision and Due Diligence
  • Seminars on Taxation

8.   Tax Disputes
9.   Reconciliation,
10.  Confiscation,postponement, cancellation
11.  Consultancy on tax discrepancies
12.  Consultancy on Management
13.  Accounting systems
14.  Budget and budget control systems
15.  Cost control systems
16.  Inner control systems
17.  Corporate Finance
18.  Buying, transferring, merging and splitting companies
19.  Restructuring and institutionalization
20.  Opening to the  public
21.  Consultancy on Investment market, exchange ,investment stimulation, financial lease and social security
22.  Establishment, structure local-foreign partner companies
23.  Consultancy on Company Law
24.  Establishing representing, contact and/or branch offices in Turkey for International Companies
25.  Establishingrepresenting, contact and/or branch offices as well as partner companies abroad
26.  Work permits for expatriates

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